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Colonialism and Post-colonialism
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
120161911: Cinematic contradictions of greater ChinaDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung Book Chapter
22012China's rise to power: Conceptions of state governanceDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung ; Joseph Tse-Hei Lee ; Lida V. Nedilsky Book
32007China’s good earth: From urbanization to rural development under Hu Jintao’s administrationJessica Wade Working Paper
42007Gender and community under British colonialism: Emotion, struggle, and politics in a Chinese villageDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung Book
52012Hong Kong : geopolitics and intellectual practiceDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung Article
62011Land and material life: Da Shu Village in the New Territories, Hong KongDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung Book Chapter
72016Life without principle: Financial irregularities in Hong KongDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung Book Chapter
82009Marginalization in China: Recasting minority politicsDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung ; Joseph Tse-Hei Lee ; Lida V. Nedilsky Book
92007Narratives and perspective in sociology: Understanding the past, envisaging the futureConference Proceedings
102009The politics of patriarchal bargaining in a Chinese villageDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung Working Paper
112014Reunification through water and food: The other battle for lives and bodies in China's Hong Kong policyDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung Article
122012土地,物質生活與社區變遷: 華人村落的生活世界研究張少強博士 Book Chapter
132013生靈政治與殖民及後殖民香港張少強博士 Article
142016管治新界: 地權、父權與主權張少強博士 Book
152008舊區新語: 九龍仔社區實踐與非政府組織張少強博士 Book
162013論電影《葉問》中的殖民香港故事張少強博士 ; 羅永生 Book Chapter
172013論電影《葉問》中的華人民族主義張少強博士 ; 羅永生 Book Chapter
182014錮身鎖命: 中國對香港的食水及食物供應張少強博士 Book Chapter
192015香港後工業年代的生活故事張少強博士 ; 崔志暉博士 Book
202014香港.城市.想像張少強博士 ; 梁啟智 ; 陳嘉銘 Book

(Principal Investigator)

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TitlePrincipal Investigator
Hong Kong Cultural Indictors ProgramDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung

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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
The 8th Annual Conference of Hong Kong Sociological AssociationConference Hall, Hong Kong Shue Yan University02-12-200602-12-2006Conference
China’s Appeal and Its DiscontentsHong Kong Shue Yan University20-06-201123-06-2011Symposium
Hong Kong Sociological Association Public SeminarsVision Book Café of Joint Publishing08-09-201208-09-2012Seminar